Stop Imperialism – Episode 60

February 28, 2013 at 3:21 PM


- Homeless man John Wayne and others wait in a parking lot near LP Field after Metro police had them move their possessions from under the Shelby Street Bridge. Wayne said police have been nice about giving them time to move. A recent count by a national organization found 1,542 homeless people living in Nashville in January 2005. -



1. Austerity in the US

 usObama argues against spending cuts on trip to Virginia drawing criticism from Republicans
Woodward: Obama repeatedly lied responsibility for budget sequester cuts
Fact sheet: Examples of how the sequester would impact middle class families, jobs, and economic security
The President’s plan: $4 trillion of deficit reduction including the last offer to Speaker Boehner
Segment Start: 00 h 05 min 24 sec
Segment End: 00 h 39 min 45 sec

2. Austerity in Europe

 eurounion_80Italy renews market concerns as voters reject Monti
Spain’s jobless soars to 26%; 1.8 million households with no member employed
As Tory austerity inflicts misery on millions, Labour should articulate their alternatives to Osbornomics
Child poverty massively increases through EU austerity programs
Segment Start: 00 h 41 min 13 sec
Segment End: 00 h 59 min 53 sec

3. Egypt

 egypt_80Leading Egyptian opposition party to boycott parliamentary elections
Egypt’s El Baradei urges election boycott
Egypt to reopen IMF loan talks next month as crisis bites
Egypt insists food supply secure as wheat imports dive
Segment Start: 01 h 00 min 54 sec
Segment End: 01 h 12 min 27 sec

4. Under the Radar

Under RadarRussia returns to the Mediterranean: Fifth Soviet navy squadron is back?
Ecuador receives $1.4 billion disbursement from China loan
Iran’s inflation rate to hit 31.5% by yearend: central bank
Movement to promote peace and national unity formed in Mali
Algerian troops to kill al-Qaeda commander
Balochistan governor to quit, race for replacement begins
Selling marked up drugs with made up patients – Part 1
Segment Start: 01 h 14 min 01 sec
Segment End: 01 h 24 min 44 sec