Stop Imperialism is devoted to the principle that all nations of the world have the inherent and inviolable rights of self-determination and territorial sovereignty, as well as the right to peaceful economic and political development. Nation-states must not be subjected to oppression, exploitation, coercion, or subversion at the hands of more powerful nations or empires.

Stop Imperialism stands in opposition to the forces of empire and finance which seek to dominate the world through both overt and covert means. Moreover, Stop Imperialism is intended to be both a resource of journalistic analysis and education with the expressed goal of providing thoughtful political, geopolitical, and economic analysis outside of the traditional Left/Right dichotomy.

Additionally, both the site and podcast go beyond news and analysis by exploring and critiquing the theoretical and discursive structures by which we examine world affairs with specific attention paid to political economy, geopolitical strategy, and the use of propaganda and other forms of manipulation used to shape public opinion.


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